The Bare Bones Book of writing a screenplay

writing a screenplay books
writing a screenplay Books


The Bare Bones Book of writing a screenplay

The Definitive Beginner's Guide
Story, Format and Business

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"The perfect film book for screenwriters.
Sharp prose and practical advice in simple English
with all the nuts, bolts, and screws you'll need."

-Ravi Malhotra (Academy Award winning filmmaker, West Bank Story)

The Bare Bones Book of writing a screenplay
ISBN-13: 978-0-9795102-0-5
LCCN:  2007901125
Page count: 104
Size: 6" x 9"
First Edition
Performing Arts/Film and Video/writing a screenplay
Retail Price: US $14.75
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“The best writing a screenplay book available.”
Katherine Hopkins (Australian fILMMAKER)

“I’ve studied dozens of writing a screenplay books for filmmakers, wasting money and time.
The Bare Bones Book of writing a screenplay is all you need.
A no BS approach that works. And it’s under 100 pages! The best film school resource.”

Jordan Bromely (NYU film student)

A writing a screenplay book that uses a ‘let’s-get-down-to-brass-tacks’ approach to feature filmmaking and professional scriptwriting concentrated on the essential creative skills, technical aspects and movie business principles in the writing a screenplay marketplace. A writing a screenplay book written in a simple, straight-forward witty prose style, The Bare Bones Book of writing a screenplay is a guide for beginning screenwriters, film students & independent filmmakers interested in learning how to write a screenplay, packed with writing a screenplay tips, tricks, advice, rules, road-maps and pitfalls to avoid when writing your first script or making your first film. For beginning screenwriters/filmmakers and intermediate screenwriters interested in learning the writing a screenplay process, how to craft a feature length story, script/screenplay format, how to write a feature film, and how to sell a screenplay or how to get a literary agent, representation, negotiate the sale of a screenplay, The Bare Bones Book of writing a screenplay teaches filmmaking basics and the professional scriptwriting trade while taking you to the next step in your writing a screenplay career. Learn how to develop characters, write dialoge and construct scenes while editing the fat. Get inside tips for pitching your story to Hollywood, pitchfests, agents and managers, the WGA, contracts for screenwiritng, selling your script, film producers and film directors, script options, pitchfests, writing a screenplay contests, filmschool, and movie business trade advice. Discover the rules of writing a screenplay from first draft to final draft to sales pitch to credits and royalties. Tools for writing your oulting/treatment, synopisis, logline, beat sheet and script rewriting.


Clark studied writing a screenplay and film production at USC’s School Of Cinema-Television (#1 rated film school in the nation). He went on to write short films featured in film festivals around the world, feature film screenplays and TV scripts for top rated shows, Emmy Award winning programming and Academy Award winning film producers. His writing a screenplay and film experience ranges from working as a scriptwriter for film, story producer, story analyst and story editor for Television Networks, Film Production Studios and independent film producers including MTV Networks, Patriot Pictures (“Lord Of War, Patriot Games”) Interscope records, Marilyn Manson and ABC.

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